Neha Kakkar the beautiful Singer has a secret of Selfie Video

Selfie Video made Neha Kakkar More Popular

Neha Kakkar became Indian Idol, after winning the 2nd season of the show. She had done playback for Cocktail and had performed with Honey Singh till 2012 and then she made a selfie video that made her super popular.

This decision literally changed her life. From zero to hero her video Botol Khol from movie prague in which she wore a black spaghetti and made naughty faces looked awesome. This video was the start of the her fame on social media and people gave her the title of expression queen.

Selfie video is what is claims she invented that made her audience expand all due to the social media sites. Her video was downloaded from YouTube and got shared on WhatsApp and it went viral. “It went viral. I don’t know how you seem to have not seen it,” she laughs. “People come for my shows and wave their phone at me, while playing the video.”.

She now has about 6.3 million Facebook followers and its growing day by day. She now posts about four videos in a month and those videos get about 4 million views. “We put up a selfie-video of Mainu Ishq Laga, a Punjabi song, at midnight, and 24 hours later, it had 2 million views. It got 50,000 shares!”.

She says her videos are not strategic and she makes them in her vanity or backstage, on the days she has her make-up on, hence looking beautiful in each.

Neha’s tip is stay natural “You can’t pretend to be happy, you have to be happy”. After seeing her manali trance video in which she acted to be high says “‘I don’t drink or smoke. It’s just my interpretation of it,” she reasons.

Now the next ladder that she knows is movies being an actor but she’s superstitious as many singers career flops when they start acting and hence the downfall begin. For now she will do what she’s best at and that is singing. And we look forward to her videos and more.

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