15 Things That Nobody Told You About Delhi

List of things about Delhi that will tell you about its Core, Invisible Heritage & Contradictions

Delhi has a vast history, people are highly ambitious and you will find an unmatchable energy within. Less people understand its secret and old heart, but once you get to know it you will relish everything about it in everyday life.

Let’s see some of the most happening things, its core values, all those contradictions and the most beloved heritage that’s invisible to many.

Teri MAA Ki.. 

The famous words that refer to female anatomy and being used like regular hyphens in a sentence. Although it’s a cuss word but you will see its usage in a high volume. They are filthier than Yamuna and sometime used to show the male bonding.

Love in the Metro

Metro stations have taken over the parks from yesterday. The station have become an love hotspot the hottest outdoor place where you will see the liplocks, petting, necking, PDA on abandon staircases and many more things behind platform pillars.

Sunday Book Bazaar

Every Sunday morning on sidewalks of Daryaganj a very proud tradition of second-hand books come alive. You will find anything from Rapidex English Speaking Course to books written by Rushdie at a price that you can’t ignore. You will find thousands of people browsing those books and haggling it along.


Dilliwalaas love to roam at evening and night time on their cars. They drink in their vehicle, then go to a dhaba in have a meal that’s served inside their car. Everything from inside the car happens like eating, tipping, burping and later they head home jumping red-lights and avoiding cops.


Many CMs have tried to tame them, but nobody has ever done it. They refuse like a master and they charge heavily like a king. The most ugliest experience for people in the city.

Weekly Markets

New places, new localities everyday and these weekly markets are always full. You can find things at a cheap rate and you have to bargain hard get all sort of things like teddies, bras, jalebis, frying pans, handbags and much more. Shoppers include middle-class and underclass.

Qawwali Bliss

Sufi music at its best near Nizamuddin Auliya’s dargah on every Thursday where you will also find any kind of kebabs and curries. You can inhale all kind of rose petals smell and enjoy the music together.

Letters to DJINNS

From past four years, every Thursday you will find the walls of Feroze Shah Kotla pasted with freshly penned djinns. There’s a believe that these people that are fabled creatures can get rid your son from alcoholism, get you husband back from a mistress, cure your father’s bellyache. These traditional things can also be said as livelihood for some and pilgrimage to others. These type of things prevail and keep modern and medieval times attached to one another.


With more than 90 flyovers in Delhi you can feel the wind in your air when you travel through them. No other Indian city has this number of flyovers, nobody is even close. Many a times the late-night revelry are converts in a tragedy but yes these are occasionals.

Road Rage

More than 1600 people died last year in road accidents and the city is well known for its road rage, people brushing up with automobiles can pull out a tragic scene on roads where baseball bats can come out from boot anytime. So be prepared for the the violence and anger warped with masculinity.

Heritage Blues

You can’t throw a stone without making sure that no monument in Delhi is getting damaged. This 1300 year old city is full of monuments, mosques, tombs, minarets, havelis, baolis, forts, palaces and much more. All of them are littered with medieval heritage and you will get the a vice versa of treatment of litter.

Sex Clinics

Viagra is latest, but these sex clinics in Daryaganj are from decades they claim to cure any sex-related issue like nighfalls, premature ejaculation and what not. Moreover these clinics have now come online with articles like tips on lasting longer in bed.

India Gate Evenings

From post dinner ice-creams to camel rides and lots of family gossips plus a pee in the hedge can be seen everyday in India Gate a common place for people. A place where World War – I memorial is situated and you still have this place as a democratic center, where people join hands many a times before.

Farmhouse Weddings

On GT Karnal road you will find most of those farmhouses hosting a big fat Delhi wedding. Find women in shimmery lehengas and men in loosely tailored suits shaking leg on a Yo Yo Honey Singh track. Whiskey, butter chicken are gulped in and yes wedding does happen with full rituals.


The range of flora and fauna in Delhi is tremendous and with every season change the city colors itself like a chameleon. You will see some beautiful parts, trees and gardens in the city waiting for your arrival.

That’s your Delhi intakes ? What have you found in Delhi that we haven’t, do tell us.

P.S – With Inputs from an article in Times of India – Delhi Edition.

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