PM Narendra Modi conveys special message to people on yoga day celebration.

On this International Yoga Day celebration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was equally enthusiastic with other 30,000 followers at Capitol Complex. The Prime Minister not only actively participated in the celebration but also promptly encouraged the masses to adopt this healthy habit for stress-free mind and body.

He expressed his humble gratitude to International community for bringing the importance of yoga in front of people and for acknowledging its importance. He said, “The world supported the idea of International Day of Yoga. All sections of society came together in this endeavour.”

With his encouraging words, he highlighted the essentiality of yoga in our lives. His words were, “This is a day linked with good health and now it has become a people’s mass movement.”

“Yoga is not about what one will get, it is about what one can give up,” he exclaimed.

With his words, he pointed the ease of embracing yoga culture in our lives and explained that, how yoga is an inexpensive and frugal source of maintaining tranquility in our lives. He exclaimed, “With zero budget, yoga provides health assurance and it does not discriminate between rich and poor.”

“Important to integrate yoga with our lives. Do not wait, make yoga a part of one’s life,” he further mentioned.

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Also, he added, “Let’s make Yoga more popular globally. Let India produce good yoga teachers.”

Further, he also moved the attention towards prevailing diabetes issues and its rising problems. As per his opinions, yoga can be an effective cure for this rising issue. Modi mentioned, “Let’s focus on one thing in the coming days, how to mitigate diabetes through yoga.”

In his detailed description about the diabetes, he not only pointed the role of yoga, but also suggested the ways to conduct its practice on a large scale.

His words were, “In India, patients suffering from diabetes are rising. We might be able to get rid of this disease or not but with the help of yoga, diabetes can be controlled. Can we start a public campaign to suggest measures in yoga to the common man suffering from diabetes.”

Further he continued, “It will be an achievement if we can help in treating diabetes. From next year, we can take another disease. But I want that for good health, we should address any one disease every year. We should run a public campaign with an aim to address one disease.”

Giving special importance to yoga day celebration, US Ambassador Richard Rahul Verma in New Delhi took equal part in enhancing the awareness saying, “Yoga is such a passion in India, we are practicing to show our support.”

Complete security measures were ensured in Punjab’s capital city by parliamentary commandos and top security agency.

Not to mention, the well-known yoga guru Ramdev led his conventional yoga event in Faridabad, Haryana along with New Delhi in early hours of the day.

This was a record breaking Ramdev yoga event with more than 100,000 yoga enthusiasts.

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