For These Believers NON-Hinduism Is Demonism

The Cult Group Compels To Follow Crazy Hindu Rituals

The bizzare incident in Sangli, Maharashtra is not only rare and shocking for victim Malati Jadhav but for rest of us as well. Few days back Malati jadhav not only encountered some unknown religious group of women at her doorstep but also faced some unethical pressure from them for following Hinduism. Those women carried books and posters with them and gave free advice about how to avoid negative energy in the house. The unacceptable thing about this team is that, they compel to follow Hinduism and the one who denies is captioned as “Demon.”

The story was first described as : Malati Jadhav, a housewife in Sangli in western Maharashtra, recently opened her door to an unknown group of women who had come armed with books, posters and a bundle of brochures. What followed was a bizarre experience and the memory of it still unnerves her.
“As soon as they stepped in, one of them told me that there were ‘negative vibrations’ in the room and that I need to have the photo of one Jayant Athavale to get rid of them. One woman pointed to a family photograph and said that the ‘shadow of evil’ had darkened the faces of those in it. I simply turned them out,” says Jadhav.

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The story is not very new and first. Earlier also many people have reported about similer kind of incidents with Sanathan Sanstha and its active followers.

Recently, a young Nagpur dweller and regular temple visitor revealed about his experience with the group. He explained, “I was browsing at a book stall near the temple. I was drawn to the display because I am curious about the idea of sanatan. But I was appalled to see swords and other weapons lined up at the stall. As I started to walk away, a sadhak started following me, asking me to join his group. I refused and the next I hear about them is in connection with extreme violence,” he says.
Behind this kind of craze, there is a dream of a “Hindu Nation” by the year 2025. There will be set rules and norms, imposed on all choices like selection of movies to be watched, way of interaction with mates, choice of eating, wearing and many more.

With claiming its followers in Canada and Australia, the group’s managing trustee assures that over 50,000 people are following them in India. The face behind this cult group is Jayant Balaji Athavale, 75, who resides in Ramnathi Ashram, Ponda, Goa. The Guruji has not made any public appearances and married to a Goan girl. His communication mode is his website and the Marathi Weekly named Daily Sanatan Prabhat. The followers are mainly from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa.

Since the Goa Chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar refused to ban the sanstha in late last year, the political support to the group seems evident from this. Not only this, the wives of two BJP ministers Ramkrishna Dhavalikar and Pandurang Dhavalikar, are said to be evid supporters of the sanstha.

Athavale has proved to be one cult leader as he demands non-compromising following and anyone who denies are entitled as “demons.” Shockinlgy, the recent victims Dabholkar and Pansare’s photos were marked in red on their website.

Regular news talks about the appearance of Om symbol on Athavale’s fingernails, forehead and tongue. They also claim about colour change of his hair to golden. Many in Maharashtra and Goa have have witnessed the vision. As per Athvalale, when all citizens are satvik, the police and judiciary will be obsolete.

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