Tadoba Tigress Image Selected for Postal Stamp

International Tiger Day is held on July 29 to represent worldwide attention to the reservation of tigers. It is more of an awareness day as a celebration. It was first founded at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010.

This was because at that time wild tigers were at the verge of extinction. Several animal welfare organisations pledged to help these beautifully wonderful creatures and are still active to raise funds to reach this goal.

The chief goal of Tiger Day revolves around promoting the safety and expansion of the wild tiger’s habitats and also gain support through awareness of tiger conservation.

Amol Bais, a dweller of Chandrapur, was on heights of enthusiasm as he recalled the first day of 2016 as it was just yesterday.

During the morning safari and seated upon an open vehicle, he observed Maya, the tigress from Tadoba, getting a ‘hug’ from her cub and he immortalised that moment with his camera, he had least clue about his iconic image would end up being used on a postal stamp.

“The image was also published by Daily Mirror, UK. And what gave me immense joy was that this image was presented by the forest minister to various dignitaries including Union environment minister and also for pamphlets of Tadoba national park,” he said.

“We had requested the Centre for a postage stamp on Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, which is one of the oldest in the country.

We hope that this stamp will be released on July 29, on the occasion of the World Tiger’s Day,” said Mungantiwar further adding that the beautiful image has a strong message on conservation and that he was happy to know afterwards that this photograph was taken by Bais who happens to be his neighbour in Chandrapur.

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International Tiger Day is an annual event in Russia when NGOs and forest authorities host celebrities and school children. Also, media invites experts to create awareness about tiger conservation.

On this day, tiger lovers and enthusiasts can walk a mile under golden-black banners, adopt and cub or tiger for mere $55, or you can simply pray for Jai, the alpha male which has gone missing in Maharashtra. There is also a new alternative available, which is to click a selfie with a tiger sculpture.

While walking, donating, praying or posing for the tiger today, it may also be worth noting that this Tiger Day follows a few startling developments.

Sadly, we have lost 97% of wild tigers in last 100 years. In place of 100,000, a few as 3000 live on earth today. Shockingly, the data was 3200 last year.

A lot of tiger species have already been extinct. These most admired animals are also the most vulnerable to extinct. At this pace, all tiger left living in the world could be extinct in 5 years!

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