The Next Time You Ask Someone “How Are You?”, Remember This Video.

“How are you?”
“Long time, how have you been?”
“What’s up?”

What’s common between these sentences is the ugly truth that neither the question nor the answer is ever genuine.

But hey, isn’t she always smiling?

Don’t let that fool you. Look into her eyes; she might be breaking inside.

Before we experience this gem of a video, let’s get a few facts straight so that we’re on the same page.

1. Depression is a complicated matter.

2. In India, not many people understand it correctly, let alone recognize and help a loved one going through the pain.

3. A depressed person is not throwing a tantrum because he/she’s entitled or spoilt or a brat. It’s called a panic attack. You may Google it.

4. Most people who commit suicide do so because of an underlying mental disorder. A depressed person is not a loser because thoughts of ending life cross their minds – these suicidal thoughts are a symptom of the medical disorder called Depression.

Depression can alter the biology of the brain causing suicidal thoughts and feelings that life is not worth living. These feelings and thoughts will pass with successful treatment of depression, and suicide can be prevented by treating the underlying condition.

5. A depressed person generally doesn’t open up easily because it’s easier to put up a fake smile than to explain why you’re not happy. (which even they’ve no clue about)

You may ask, “Why should I care? No one I know is suffering from depression”. And all I can say is, “Are you sure?” Have you genuinely asked someone how they are doing?

Probably not.

What does ‘Dobara Poocho’ really mean? And how does it matter?

#DobaraPoocho is an initiative by The Live Love Laugh Foundation, an organization founded by Deepika Padukone. “Dobara Poocho” was born out of this very need to look at someone again, to observe that someone closely again, to be aware of his or her nuances again, to hold the person close again, to ask again….

Deepika’s own battle with depression is a perfect example of how genuinely asking “How are you”? helps

While launching this campaign Deepika broke down while narrating an incident from her past, “Two years back, my family had come to see me. They were about to leave and I was all alone in my bedroom, curled up. My mother walked in and asked if everything was okay, I said yes. She asked again if it was work or something else that was bothering me, I said no. She asked me so many times that I felt myself choking and I broke into tears.”

What is depression like? It’s like drowning, except you see everyone around you breathing. Watch the heart touching video.

Image Source: Trendingtoday

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