Piper – An Enthralling and Adorable Adventure packed short movie by Pixar

An Enchanting Story

Pixar’s “Piper” is an enchanting story of a baby seagull, a sandpiper bird, about her quest to learn the skills of gathering food and becoming self-sufficient. This baby gull is asked by her mother to fetch her own food to survive in this world. As a rookie, the Piper is initially confused about how to do so.

Then there comes a strong sea wave which swallows this baby bird when she is scavenging for food, she becomes doubtful of her own hunting skills which is an interesting turn of event.

Piper explores various perspectives which informs her about the essential rules of life and how to assist her family with her skills.

This movie’s duration is mere six minutes and has no dialogue. It presents an inspiring tale with message to overcome our deepest fears and learn to embrace the unknown in our life.

This short film is both written and directed by Alan Barillaro, which is now streaming for free online.

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