Narendra Modi v/s Indira Gandhi – Sonia Gandhi presents her views

The Differentiation

Indian National President Sonia Gandhi mentioned that there was no comparison between Late Indira Gandhi and present PM Narendra Modi. She rejected the suggestion that there is no leader in Congress that can face Narendra Modi. She also clarified that she was not troubled with this comparison.

Sonia Gandhi said that “Every era in politics or history has its own problems, its own leader and its own oppositions. I think the Congress party is taking on the present dispensation” during her interview with India Today.


On asking her about whether her party has to become competitive unlike the 1960s and 70s when it was a dominant party. She also rejected the claim that Congress doesn’t have any leader to face Modi.

She told that Indira Gandhi faced insults, ridiculous charges but she managed to become a Congress president and later on became Prime Minister.

You can also watch her latest interview –

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