Significance of Miracles and declaration of dependence on Jesus

There are many people who believe in Jesus and few don’t. Almost all the educated and sane people believe that Jesus Christ was the religious teacher and a real person and who used to live 2000 years ago. You must be shocked to know that the holy book Koran has also mention about Jesus more than 25 times.

However, Islamic scripture do not portray Christ as his Apostles. They do not question on his existence. There is too much of evidence that exists for anyone who is searching for any credibility and they cannot deny the existence of Christ. Its existence is rationally undeniable.

Who are questioned routinely? There are many facts that are related with his identity that who was Christ? Who is Christ? His Apostles has provided many answers to all the questions when they have been preaching. Thankfully, the message has been preached faithfully in all the writings.

In order to believe in Christ, his apostles encouraged many people to believe and also others to believe and this certainly also implies that more to believe in his existence. When Christ was crucified, there was no question about his existence. Majorly, its identity was the issue and it remained the same issue to this day.

Therefore, the apostles have presented the Jesus to world and he had presented himself. There were many eye witnessing things that Christ has said and also done. Whatever they have seen and they have believed and had convinced them to believe in Christ.

If you go through the New Testament scriptures that provide a fair reading and you will come across that initially Apostles used to believe in Christ and they used to believe in their glorious identity. Before they used to believe that Christ was the son of God and he was regarded as the Messiah of Israel. They used to believe that he was the Christ and he was regarded as Lord of Life and Lords and also as the King of kings. They all used to believe in all these things.

Once a while Jesus had asked the question to his disciples that what do people say that that I am? You need to notice here that this is one of the identity questions. His disciples told him the various ideologies that were being tossed among the people. Some people used to say that he was the John the Baptist and some used to say that he is Elijah and others used to comment him as one of the prophets. But he had asked his disciples, that what they used to think that that he was? Among the group, Peter spoke up, that he was the Christ and he is a son of Living God.

However, Christ was pleased with this response and affirmed the accuracy. He had also instructed all his disciples that they should keep this information with them for a while. Christ was aware that Mary was his mother and he was aware about his father in the very unique way. When Christ had turned 12, he had gone to the Jerusalem for the major feasts of Jewish. When they were returning, Mary had discovered that Jesus was not present in the friend’s band as well as family that were traveling to the Jerusalem. He had not become panic stricken, Mary returned to Jerusalem to find Christ at a temple and he was engaged with religious leaders and was in discussion about the spiritual truths.

He was rebuked by Mary; Jesus asked her that whether she was unaware that she had to be in the Father’s home. Most of the people thought that his father was Joseph, but Mary and Christ knew better. His father was God and all his public references used to create many problems for Master. There was a man who was too short in height and he climbed the tree to see above the crowd and got the glimpse of approaching Christ. Moreover, he did not saw only Jesus, he was seen by Jesus and he was invited to this man’s home. It was located in Zacchaeus and Jesus commented that he had come to seek and also save the lost.

Christ used to believe that people were in the lost state and they would need the savior. He used to believe that he was the savior. He was on a belief that he was sent through his father for the rescue mission. When he died on the cross, it was a sacrifice for the sin and this was the integral part of their mission. Few hours before the death of Christ, in garden of the Gethsemane, he was agonized over the weighty part of mission. When prayers were done, he had made peace with the final step of obedience and this was the benefit. You need to listen to the words in Garden. Jesus was under the belief that people cannot save themselves and they needed the savior. If they could have saved themselves, they could have stayed back in heaven. But all of them can’t stay.

All of them incur a debt to God and that you cannot pay. He was under the belief that he was the savior. He used to belief that he was qualified enough to pay the debt and he was the sinless. This was the major reason behind shedding his blood for the common people.

There was an Apostle who had stated that God has made him and this man had no sin but he takes sin of common people and we should have belief in him and must become the god righteousness. When you wanted to get saved, you should face the Gospel truth.

This is mainly for sinners and those who have not understanding of God standard of wrong and right. What did Jesus did on cross have been provided to all and this is applicable only for the repentant and admitted. Until they realize the salvation need, they cannot see the need for savior. Jesus used to believe that he is Savior for all and also he is the Lord of all.

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