Top 3 mobile video editing apps you should try in 2018

What is the key to producing a successful video with your smartphone?

No, it’s not just content. Nobody is interested in watching your drunken brother fall from his chair or your dog being amusing for long. To make a fantastic and better quality video, you need to edit it after shooting from your android. There is need to drop in some changes, add a soundtrack and cut the tedious bits to produce the fascinating stuff. For easy editing, you require a video editing equipment or an app running on your android.

Some of the video editing software or hardware are quite expensive, but there are also many free or affordable one available to help you crack the masterpiece. To make the selection task easy, in this article, we have picked the top 3 best video editing apps for android.

Top 3 mobile editing video apps

  1. Cinamaker– It is a multicamera production studio for your tablets, Android phones and smart camera that enables fast video production over a wireless network. It is easily portable. You can carry it anywhere along with you. It is easy to set up and operate. Cinamaker’s claims that even a ten-year-old can efficiently run it. It enables perfect synchronisation of four phone at the same time converting them into production studio at your disposal. In comparison to other conventional equipment that takes more than an hour or two, you can start streaming Cinamaker in not more than 3 minutes.  After the shoot super comfortable, multiple and powerful angles are available. You also have an option to either edit your video in the app or may choose and transfer pre-synchronized multi-angle footage to your favourite editor for the same. You can download the app free of cost. In-app purchases cost a little extra.
  2. LumaFusion– If you are a mobile journalist, professional video producer, filmmaker or just an aspiring video maker you need It has been introduced from Luma Touch and is available for iOS gadgets. It is a powerful multitrack video editor that is created for mobile phones. It has an extensive variety of features that provide you flexibility in designing video story and include some transitions. It allows powerful colour correction tool, lives audio track mixer, curated music library and is royalty free. Cost- US$19.99
  1. FilmoraGo– FilmoraGo video editing app is available for Android devices and iOS. It allows fun effects such as titles, text, filters, overlays, transition and elements. It brings desktop video tool and makes edit video footage comfortable and convenient. The best part is it is it free to download.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download any of the three mobile video editing apps, make a video, edit using the tools, music and effects the app offers and do not forget to share your experience with us.

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