Bhuvan Bam Parents: Emotional Note by The Youtuber Mourning His Loss

Bhuvan Bam works the popular ‘BB Ki Vines’ channel on YouTube. On Saturday, YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, who runs the popular ‘BB Ki Vines’ channel, took to social media to partake in the grief of missing parents to COVID-19 in a span of one month. “Lost both my lifelines to Covid. Without Aai (mother) and Baba (father), nothing will be alike. Everything fell apart in a month: my home, dreams, everything. My Aai is not with me, neither is Baba. Now I have to learn how to live from the beginning. But doesn’t feel like it,” read the YouTuber’s post, accompanying a set of photos of his family. Was I a good son? Did I do enough to save them? I’ll have to live with these questions forever. I can’t expect to see them again. I hope the day comes soon,” he said in an emotional note on Instagram, grieving the