15 Application of Android that are Worth paying for


Undoubtedly apps that are free to use are cool, but through some paid apps that is so much, I can get. I was having a look at the play store of Google, found out the apps that are to be paid for the best to put on my phone.

Android may not be as prestigious as iOS, but undoubtedly this poly-manufacturer ecosystem is the most well-known operating system worldwide. Just like the products of Apple have a mandate purchase apps in their apps store. Similarly, Android users can get their winners of flair share in the stores of Google Play. That doesn’t conclude by saying that everything is worth to be downloaded.

Apps are free all-over, but if you’re actually on a lookout to buy something worth the cost, it cannot be easy to separate the bloat from the essentials. Some of the few paid apps that beat the alternative ad-support or essential services are provided free of charge with more advanced features must be paid for.

Mentioned below are the apps I have found to be worth spending a small price to be downloaded from Google Play.

(Apple iOS fans can check to have a check on the list.)

BlackPlayer EX

Music player BlackPlayer EX for $3.59 allows a file of any format such as MP3, FLAC, WAV AND OGG. Here you get an option to create your own interface by customizing the experience of music, with the help on an equalizer that is very powerful. Have a look at the version first, i.e. free of cost.

For $3.59 at Google Play. 


With the help of Bouncer app, you can very well manage to grant the permissions to installed apps. An option of choosing the apps, for what permissions and for how long would be the duration to give them. For the peace of mind, a small price to be paid.

For $1.99 at Google Play.

Calibre Companion

Easy addition of any ebook from the PC to an eReader of your choice via Wi-Fi or USB. The books in the cloud can also be stored for easy access, which is an alternative to Amazon. A trial of the free version is available before you make a payment for the usage of a full application.

For $4.99 at Google Play.


If your requirement of the phone is to act as a webcam, DroidCamX is a good recommendation for you as an android user. The base option can be a probability, up-gradation of DroidCamX for $5 IN 720p video with increased frame rates with the removal of banner ads in the app.

$4.99 at Google Play


A puzzle game which hand-drawn with a beautiful experience. No text format, the players need to complete the puzzle by themselves through their own explore.

$4.99 at Google Play


Your android device can get the whole of the Minecraft world, anywhere you go. It is all about creativity, where the blocks can be placed by you, that are made up of different kinds of materials, to let you build as per your desire. It is a building game, i.e. made of the 3D sandbox. As per the game, when there are hard level and survival modes, the aim is to pull through when the monsters land on the scene. Here, the modes of creativity share complete freedom of invention to the players.

$6.99 at Google Play

Nine Mail

The world is surrounded by the hacking of servers and breaches data; Nine Email has its own unique strategy. The information gets stored on your device or your own server, by assuring that it falls in the right hands other than, using a service that is based on the cloud for the storage of information. Nine mail supports Gmail, IMAP, Exchange and integrates with notes, calendar and contacts and provides widgets, SMS sync features and offers a lot many things. This app can be downloaded for a free trial of two-week before you buy a license foe $14.99.

Free of cost on Google Play

Nova Launcher

To have android in control of, launcher lets you change the layout of the operating system by default; it helps you have a change in the theme too. It also enables you to customize the design, gestures, themes and the display screen. At the same time, the version that is basic is free of cost. The upgrade for Nova Launcher Prime is of $4.99 permits you to add custom tabs, hide apps, custom folders, advanced gestures are personalized.

For $4.99 at Google Play.


An app specifically designed for the music lovers to have the best quality of music available for them. A gap-free fantastic crossfading, playback and a powerful equalizer tool. Many different formats of a file that includes WAV, FLAC, mp4 and much more. Buy the full application for $4.99 or a free version of download, for 15 days trial.

For $4.99 at Google Play.

Race for the Galaxy

It is an app, for the board games that is a card-based strategy that helps you to build related an empire related to the galaxy by going against the opposition—making of the crucial decisions for developing your empire. Focus on the conquest military, build settlements, or turn yourself in numerous directions.

For $6.99 at Google Play.


The app of RadarScope costs $9.99 but allows a view of high-quality resolution weather data, tracking severe conditions for, e.g. Flash floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms by receiving all the latest information and warnings from the Weather Service of US States. The data that an app can get is from any TDWR in US, Puerto Rico, Guam, Okinawa, Korea, Japan, Australian Bureau of Meteorology radars AS WELL AS Environment Canada. RadarScope has subscription plans of two different types for the real dedicated ones.

Scanner Radio & Fire

Just for keeping a watch at the cops, there are many free of cost apps for police scanner. Scanner Radio is one such app that provides over 7000 police scanners and fire, traffic, air and marine radios and radio repeaters that are amateur. With a help of this application (Scanner Radio & Fire), you can browse the type of location and favourite the scanners that you listen to the most. By payment of $2.99 for the version of Scanner Radio Pro, you can knock out the ads and get access to different themes of the app, recording functionality, widget, playback control and faster push notifications.

For $2.99 at Google Play.

Star Walk 2

An app of augmented reality that uses your device camera to present an overlay on the sky with information about the stars you see. This is with the feature of real-time, without you being outside, having a view of the sky, with your based location. Would you not pay $ 2.99 for the solar system?


A device that is powerful and fits in your pocket is your smartphone, but at the same time, You are restricted by what your phone’s manufacturer and Google will allow you to do- unless you are wanting to give in some time for rooting it. Here is the role of the tasker app, for $ 3.49, you can increase the customization of your phone without any coding. It has the ability to specify the types of alerts like LED, sounds, vibrate, and pop-ups, an action of individual digital will cause. Your life becomes so much easier by sorting the files of your phone including zipping or unzip capabilities and a lot more than this.

For $3.49 at Google Play.


Wolfram Alpha is much similar to Google but is centred around math and data. Taking the help of Google, you can find the website which is best to guide you about the cuisine, i.e. seafood of Portugal, and It will help you see in comparing the consumption of seafood of Portuguese versus that of Americans 

which is categorized by various types of fish and that power is now available in an app of $3.

This app will be officially a tool of welcoming to whoever that works in STEM; there’s a lot of stuff that is cool can be done by you, especially some which doesn’t require an advanced degree in mathematics.

For $2.99 at Google Play.

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