2022 BRICS Sports Festival successfully held


The 2022 BRICS Games Festival concluded on 30 September. The games were held online for a month. Athletes from five BRICS countries – China, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and India – participated in martial arts, chess and breakdance competitions through online real-time games or video uploads.

The Games attracted spectators and sports fans from more than 50 countries and territories to watch the game online, and the official website garnered over 5 million views.

These BRICS Games, hosted by the Chinese State Sports Bureau, consist of 3 major events and 14 minor events and a total of 42 medals.

Sports lovers from BRICS countries have participated extensively in this games. In order to promote the traditional sports of the BRICS countries, the homepage of the official website also opened a special area to display introduction videos of dragon boat, dragon and lion dance, sambo, yoga and other projects.

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