300 Employees of TikTok, ByteDance Worked For Chinese State Media Report


At least 300 of the employees of TikTok and its parent company ByteDance have worked for Chinese state media publications and more than a dozen still do. This information has been given in the media report. As Forbes reports, LinkedIn profiles of ByteDance and TikTok employees showed them in current roles as content partnership, strategy, policy, public affairs, monetization and ‘media collaboration’.

Profiles of 15 Current ByteDance Employees Revealed That They Worked Together At A Tech Firm and State Media Outlets

“Fifteen indicate that current ByteDance employees are also employed concurrently by Chinese state media entities, including Xinhua News Agency, China Radio International and China Central/China Global Television,” the report said late on Thursday.

Per the report, ByteDance and TikTok did not contest that the 300 LinkedIn profiles represent current employees or deny their connections to Chinese state media.

A ByteDance spokesperson said the company “makes decisions solely on the basis of an individual’s professional ability to perform the job.”

The company said, “For our China-market businesses, which include people who have previously held government or state media positions in China. Outside of China, employees are also in government, public policy and media organizations from dozens of markets. bring experience.”

Forbes identified 49 LinkedIn profiles for TikTok and ByteDance employees who previously worked for CCTV and CGTN.

Among them were the former editor-in-chief of CCTV, who now serves as ByteDance’s director of media content partnerships, and a ByteDance overseas market operator whose profile says he is still an editor for CCTV.

The Rise of TikTok Has Raised Concerns About the National Security of US Lawmakers

TikTok recently acknowledged that employees outside the country could access that information, although it required “robust cybersecurity controls and authorization” from its US security team.

In June, BuzzFeed News reported that data from TikTok users in the US had been repeatedly accessed by employees in China.

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