4 Gujarati Youth Arrested For illegally Entering US

Urvish Patel

Four Gujarati youths were arrested last week for illegally entering the US. Sources have given this information on Monday. Following the incident, the Indian Embassy has asked the Mehsana Police to investigate how the youths from the district landed illegally in the US.

“On information shared by the Indian Embassy, ​​US Customs has arrested four youths illegally entering the US via the Canada to Quebec route.”

“According to information received from the Indian Embassy, ​​the US Customs arrested four youths on their entry into the US from Quebec, Canada.

The local US court was surprised to see that the four youths could not answer the questions asked in English. They were released on US$10,000 bond and these youths will be extradited to India.” Mehsana Police Inspector Bhavesh Rathore said these things to the media.

The youths have been identified as Dhruv Patel, Neil Patel, Urvish Patel and Sawan Patel, all residents of Mehsana. He left India in the second week of July for Canada, for which he had a student visa.

From there, they took a boat to cross the Canada-US border via the Quebec route but were caught by American custom.

Now the police will interrogate the agent who arranged visa and IELTS certificate for them. He will also visit the national capital and question the agent who helped him get the certificate.

If the agents have forged documents and certificates, they will be arrested, the official said.

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