58 Cases of Monkeypox in Canada


There have been 58 confirmed cases of Monkeypox in Canada The country’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam gave this information.

Speaking to reporters at a health briefing, Tam said nationally confirmed cases, including 52 cases from Quebec, five from Ontario and one from Alberta, reported Xinhua news agency.

He said the risk of exposure to monkeypox is ‘not specific to any group or setting’, warning that anyone can become infected and spread the virus if they come into close contact with an infected person or their contaminated objects. Is.’

Tam said that currently, there have been at least 550 confirmed cases of monkeypox from 30 non-endemic countries around the world.

Monkeypox is A Sylvatic Zoonosis That Can Cause Infection in Humans

It is caused by the Monkeypox virus which belongs to the Orthopoxvirus family, according to the World Health Organization.

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