5G Will Represent About 39 Percent of Mobile Subscriptions in India By 2027 Report


With around 500 million subscriptions, 5G will represent about 39 percent of mobile subscriptions in India by the end of 2027. This information has been given in a report on Tuesday.

According to the latest edition of Ericsson Mobility Report, 4G subscriptions are projected to decline annually to an estimated 700 million subscriptions in 2027 as subscribers are migrating to 5G in India after the introduction of 5G.

“The latest Ericsson Mobility Report confirms 5G as the fastest growing mobile technology generation ever, and Ericsson is playing a key role in building this,” said Fredrik Jejdling, Ericsson’s Executive Vice President and Head of Networks in a statement. “

“We are working every day with our customers and ecosystem partners around the world to ensure that millions more people, enterprises, industries and societies take advantage of 5G connectivity as soon as possible,” said Jejdling.

In a global context, 5G is projected to account for nearly half of all subscriptions by 2027, topping 4.4 billion subscriptions.

The report highlights that North America is projected to lead the world in 5G subscription penetration over the next five years, with nine out of every 10 subscriptions in the region expected to be 5G by 2027.

It also predicted that the current global 5G subscription will cross the one billion milestone by the end of 2022.

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