About 9 Lakh Apps Will Be Removed From Google Play Store


Google is preparing to remove about nine lakh such apps from the Play Store, whose updates are not being released.

According to the Android Authority, doing so will reduce the number of apps on the Google App Store by a third.

Earlier, Apple had also decided to remove such apps from its Play Store, which had not released any update for the last two years.

Apple had also informed about this by sending an email to all those app makers.

According to the Senate, Google and Apple are taking these steps to protect their users.

Google will hide those apps on its Playstore, whose updates have not been released. By doing this, users will not be able to download it.

According to the report, older apps do not take advantage of changes in Android and iOS, new APIs and new methods to enhance security. For this reason, old apps are vulnerable in terms of security, while new apps do not have this drawback.

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