Actress Madhuri Dixit happy with the response to ‘Maja Ma’

Madhuri Dixit

Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, whose streaming film ‘Maja Ma’ recently released, is happy with the response the film has received so far.

The Actress is Playing the Role of A Lesbian in the Film and Shared Her Thoughts on the Subject

He said, “Maja Ma’ proves that the era of boxing people and characters is over. Pallavi’s sexual orientation is one of the many aspects of her identity. She is much more than that – a brilliant dancer, a loving mother, A friend and above all, a human being who can inspire those around him.”

He further added, “The film is about love, family and acceptance, but it is all said without preaching. In a way, Maja Ma encourages people to do justice and to embrace others. encourages who they are.” Maja Ma has recently been released on Prime Video.

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