Actress Vijayalakshmi admitted to Chennai hospital after attempting suicide

Suicide. (IANS Infographics)

Actress Vijayalakshmi was admitted to a private hospital on Sunday in Chennai after she allegedly attempted suicide.

She had released a video on social media wherein she alleged harassment by followers of Naam Tamilar Katchi leader Seeman and Panangkattu Padai Katchi party’s Hari Nadar.
In the video, she said, “This is my last video. I have been under extreme stress in the last four months because of Seeman and his party men. I tried my best to survive for my family. I have been humiliated by Hari Nadar in the media.”

“I would like to tell the fans who are watching the video just because I was born in Karnataka, Seeman has tortured me a lot,” she added.

Vijayalakshmi is undergoing treatment now.

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