Akshay Gets Emotional over Sister’s Surprise Audio Message in Reality Show

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar got emotional after hearing a shocking audio message from his sister Alka Bhatia on the reality show ‘Superstar Singer 2’. Akshay, who is currently busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Raksha Bandhan’, was the special guest of the singing reality show ‘Superstar Singer 2’.

A promo of the show was shared on the channel’s Instagram page, in which Akshay was seen wiping his tears while listening to his sister’s message.

The clip featured a contestant singing ‘Phool Ka Taaron Ka’, the iconic brother-sister song of Kishore Kumar. After this an audio message from Akshay’s sister Alka was played.

Calling him ‘Raju’, she says in Punjabi, “I just remember chatting with someone that the festival of Rakhi is on August 11. You stood by me all the time, good and bad. From a father, friend To Bhai Tak. You played all the roles for me. Thank you for everything.”

An overwhelmed Akshay is then heard saying, “We used to live in a small house. After the arrival of this goddess, our lives changed. There is no greater relationship than with a sister.”

‘Raksha Bandhan’ is scheduled to release on August 11.

Featured Image via Instagram.com

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