Amazon Will Now Allow Users to Wear Shoes Virtually Before Purchase


Tech giant Amazon has announced that it is rolling out an interactive mobile experience that allows customers to virtually wear shoes for iOS users in the US.

The ‘Virtual Try-On for Shoes’ offers customers a convenient way to visualize what a pair of shoes will look like on their own, creating a more immersive experience when shopping fashion online.

“We’re excited to introduce ‘Virtual Try-Ons for Shoes’, so customers can try on thousands of styles at their own convenience from brands they know and love,” said Amazon Fashion President Muge Erdrick Dogan in a statement. “

“We look forward to hearing and learning from customer feedback as we continue to enhance the experience and expand to more brands and styles,” Dogan said.

After selecting a shoe, customers can tap the ‘Virtual Try-On’ button below the product image and hold the camera on their mobile device to see how the shoes look on their feet.

Customers Can Then Move Their Feet to See How the Shoes Look From Every Angle

Customers can also take a photo of the virtual shoe they want to wear and share the photo with friends via social media.

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