Andhra villagers complain to Sub Collector after Covid-19 patients roam freely

Coronavirus (2)

Villagers in Ullibhadra here have complained to Sub Collector at Parvatipuram about COVID-19 patients roaming freely.

The youth of Ullibhadra village in Garugubilli Mandal of Vizianagaram district have complained to the Sub Collector at Parvatipuram that there are at least 14 people who are Covid-19 positive in their village and they have not under quarantine but roaming around the village.
They allege that neither any village volunteer nor any other official have acted on it and thus they they complained to the Sub Collector.

M Sitaram, a resident of Ullibhadra village said, “Corona cases are increasing in our village. At first one person was affected, later corona is spread to all his family members. But no tests are conducted. They are roaming freely in the village. They run a shop in the village and many go to their shop. The shop is kept open. No officials, Panchayat Secretary or Village Volunteer took any action.”

“There is no sanitization, no fence is laid, a red zone is not announced. We went to village secretary to complain on this matter yesterday, but he is not ready at least to listen to us,” Sitaram said.

“We have video proof of his words. Today we came to Parvatipuram Sub Collector office. He listened to our grievance, and assured us proper inquiry into the matter an assured follow up action,” he added.

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