Armed Forces Flag Day 2021: History & Significance

The Armed Forces Flag Day also called India’s Flag Day, is committed to raising donations from Indian citizens to benefit Indian Armed Forces troops.

The day is honored across the nation to honor the martyrs and veterans in uniform who have heroically fought and continue to battle on our borders to protect the country’s honor.

On December 7, India’s Armed Forces Flag Day or Flag Day is marked. The day has been observed to honor the martyrs and soldiers in uniform across the country—you who have heroically battled and continue to struggle on our borders to protect the country’s honor. We must not forget that diverse Armed Forces troops have died in the country’s service. The Armed Forces Flag Day also called India’s Flag Day, is dedicated to advancing contributions from Indian nationals for the welfare of Indian Armed Forces bands.

History & Significance

Since 1949, India has celebrated Armed Forces Flag Day every year. It all began on August 28, 1949, when a committee appointed by the then-Defence Minister agreed to have an annual Flag Day on December 7. It was just after India gained independence and the welfare of the defense personnel needed to be addressed.

The Armed Flag Day was initially held to give small flags to the widespread public and collect donations in exchange. However, flag Day takes on greater significance as it emphasizes Indians’ responsibilities to heed for and work for their families and those who rely on our armed services.

Armed Forces Day to be celebrated as ‘Gaurav Maah’ throughout December as told by Rajnath Singh.

The government authorized the Armed Forces Day Fund (AFFDF) to aid in the welfare and rehabilitation of veterans (ESM). There are approximately 32 lakh ESM, with an additional 60,000 added each year due to superannuation.

Flag Day is a moment for Indians to express their gratefulness to India’s military troops and remember those who fell while serving their nation. On Flag Day, the three divisions of the Indian armed services – the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. – place on a myriad of performances, carnivals, shows, and other cultural activities to demonstrate to the general public how their soldiers work to preserve national security. Little flags in red, deep blue, and light blue signify the three services are distributed in substitution for donations.

On occasion of the Armed Flag Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday celebrated the exemplary contributions of armed forces and said their perseverance and courage are exemplary.

Since 1949, December 7 is seen as the Armed Flag Day throughout the nation to honour the martyrs and the men in uniform who valiantly led and continue to fight on Indian borders.

On Armed Forces Flag Day, I would like to acknowledge once again the exemplary contributions of our armed forces. Their perseverance and courage are outstanding,” Modi tweeted.

I would also urge you all to contribute towards our forces’ welfare,” the prime minister stated.

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