Australia Recorded Record Flu Cases in May

Australia Recorded Record Flu Cases in May

Australia reported a record 65,770 cases of flu in May, marking an increase of more than 100 percent from the previous record in May 2019.

Officials Gave This Information on Sunday.

As of 5 June, Australia has recorded a total of 87,989 cases of influenza in 2022, according to the National Informatics Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS).

Of those, 47,860, or 54 percent, were reported in the two weeks leading up to June 5, when the winter began, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Since mid-April 2022, the weekly number of reported laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in Australia has exceeded the five-year average,” the NNDSS update said.

Australia had 27 influenza-related deaths in 2022 and 733 cases were hospitalized, of which 6 per cent were admitted to the ICU.

By comparison, Australia had less than 1,000 cases of influenza in 2021 and more than 21,000 in 2020.

Experts have warned that, with restrictions now lifted, Australia’s winter A influenza cases are on the rise.

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