Australian PM Confirms Indonesia Visit

Anthony Albanese

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed that he will visit Indonesia on Sunday to boost ties between the two countries.

Albanese, whose Labor Party won power in a general election on May 21, accompanied Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong,

Trade Minister Don Farrell and Industry Minister Ed Husic on Sunday, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo, reports Xinhua news agency. Will participate in the annual leaders meeting with

The three-day visit will focus mostly on economic ties between the two countries, which were stalled during the coronavirus pandemic following the ratification of the landmark Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) in early 2020.

In the lead-up to the election, Albanese promised that a Labor government would prioritize foreign policy over relations with Indonesia.

“Indonesia is one of our closest neighbours, so I am committed to visit as soon as possible,” he said in a statement.

“During my visit, I look forward to revitalizing our trade ties and further building our ties, including by promoting climate, infrastructure and energy cooperation.”

IA-CEPA eliminates or reduces tariffs on 99 percent of Australian exports to Indonesia and makes it easier for young Indonesians to work and study in Australia.

However, stricter COVID-19 border restrictions that were introduced soon after the trade deal was ratified, significantly reduced its impact.

Albany will also meet Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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