‘Bigg Boss 16’: Salman advises Ankit to stay away from silence

'Bigg Boss 16' Salman advises Ankit to stay away from silence

Superstar Salman Khan was seen challenging the contestants of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ during the first episode of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ and advised everyone to show their true side and make the game interesting.

Pointing to ‘Udaariyaan’ actor Ankit Gupta, he has asked him to be visible and vocal in the game. While Ankit tries to justify himself that he takes time to open up, Salman tells him, “You have limited time”.

In fact, many fans of ‘Bigg Boss’ and his co-contestants also pointed out that he is calm and his game is the same as that of Simba Nagpal played last season.

Meanwhile, the host also gave a piece of advice to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, who is also Ankit’s ‘Udaariyaan’ co-star and entered ‘Bigg Boss 16’ as best friends that they both lose the charm of their friendship. And he told Priyanka, “Your chemistry with Ankit has become history.” He asked them to bring it back to make their game interesting.

Priyanka replied that Ankit needs to be more expressive and that his silence has often created problems in their friendship.

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