Case Against Hyderabad Blood Bank After 3-Year-old Patient Turns HIV Positive


Hyderabad Police has registered a case against a three-year-old Thalassemia patient after he was found HIV positive following the alleged negligence of a blood bank.

The boy’s parents lodged a complaint at the Nallakunta Police Station that the blood bank had transferred HIV infected blood to him.

The child of Rampally village in Ranga Reddy district was being transfused blood for the last two and a half years at the Red Cross Blood Bank at Adikmet.

When the treating doctor suggested a blood test after a blood transfusion on July 20, he tested positive for HIV.

The parents of the child demanded a detailed inquiry into the negligence of the blood bank. The police has written a letter to the medical board seeking its opinion and has asked the blood bank management to submit the patient’s record.

It is being told that the child is suffering from Thalassemia since the age of seven months. Every fortnight the relatives used to go to the blood bank for blood transfusion.

Her parents told the police that they had been visiting the blood bank regularly for blood donation and that HIV tests were done every two months. Till now, the result was never positive.

However, doctors at the blood bank reportedly told the police that in some cases, the family had taken the child to other hospitals for blood transfusion.

They also claimed that before collecting blood from donors, they conduct several tests to ensure that the donated blood is not infected.

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