Case Filed For Violating Patients’ Privacy with Tracking Tool on Meta


Meta (formerly Facebook) has been sued in the US for violating patient privacy with a data tracking tool. As The Verge reports, the two lawsuits allege that Meta and major US hospitals used the Meta Pixel tracking tool, which sends health information to Facebook.

In June, an investigation by The Markup found that several hospital websites have a tracking tool that sends sensitive medical information to Facebook when people schedule appointments.

The hospital using the device is alleged to have violated medical privacy law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Under medical privacy law, hospitals and healthcare organizations require patient consent to share personally identifiable health information with outside groups.

Meta Tools For Analytics on Facebook and Instagram Ads, Can Be Installed on Websites

“It also collects information about what people click on and the websites they visit,” the report said.

Trials now have to be certified as class action by a judge before proceeding.

Patients allege in the lawsuits that their medical information was sent to Facebook by the MetaPixel tool, which were then ‘advertised to the condition of his heart and knee’.

At least 664 healthcare providers have accused Facebook of sending medical data through the meta pixel.

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