Chandigarh Cockroach Found in the Food of Nexus Elante Mall


A cockroach was found in the food of a customer after a lizard was found in the food of a restaurant in the food court of Nexus Elante Mall in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab.

Complainant Anil Kumar Lodged A Complaint with the Police

According to the complainant, he had ordered fried rice at a restaurant named Outlet Ni Hao. In which the cockroach came out while eating.

Anil Kumar alleged that when he reported the matter to the restaurant staff, they said it was a piece of onion.

In his complaint to the police, Kumar sought action against the restaurant and mall management.

Elante Food Court is Owned by Ayan Foods

Puneet Gupta, owner of Ayaan Foods, termed the incident as a conspiracy by the mall management. He told that he is having a dispute with the mall management regarding the rent, it is an act of retaliation.

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