China: Lockdown imposed in Chengdu due to increasing outbreak of Corona


A lockdown was imposed in Chengdu due to the increasing outbreak of Corona in China. On Thursday, 157 new Covid-19 cases were registered in Chengdu, the capital of southern Sichuan province, the BBC reported.

The lockdown came into force on Thursday, with residents asked to stay indoors. Only one person was allowed to step out of a house for essential purchases.

Health officials Have Also Banned People From Leaving or Entering the City, Terming the Current Situation As ‘Serious’.

The BBC said large-scale testing would begin in the coming days. He said that there was no immediate information about when the lockdown would end.

This Step Has Been Taken By China Under the ‘Zero Covid Policy’.

The BBC reported that in March, China imposed a lockdown in Shanghai, which lasted two months. During this, reports of food shortage and poor health system came to the fore in the Quarantine Center.

China has reported a total of 243,822 cases and 5,226 deaths so far, which is less than the worst-affected countries like the US, Brazil and India.

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