China’s Industrial Internet Manufacturing Has A Huge Place of Development

Industrial Internet

The 2022 World Industrial Internet Conference was held online on 15 June. This year’s theme is Innovate and develop the industrial Internet and co-create the new future of the digital economy.

The attendees said that China’s industrial Internet construction is on the path of rapid development and has a huge potential for future development.

At the current conference, long kuoqiang, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the Chinese State Council, said that in recent years, China’s industrial Internet construction has made significant progress.

The scale of China’s industrial Internet industry has reached 10 trillion yuan, and the industrial Internet is being widely expanded into the major industries of the national economy.

The Industrial Internet has been implemented in 45 major categories of the national economy. The Industrial Internet not only promoted the single enterprise to improve its quality, reduce costs, but also drove the efficient operation of the industrial chain.

On the other hand, the Industrial Internet has been widely used in research and design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, etc. In the future, the industrial Internet will have a huge place of development.

Lu Chun Song, president of the Chinese Industrial Internet Research Institute, said at the conference that among the key elements of the industrial Internet in China, the network is the foundation, the platform is the key, the data is the element, security is the guarantee and integration is the leadership.

The policy system in these areas is constantly improving. He also said that the industrial ecology has changed from small to big and the standard system is also getting complete.

The process of technical research, standard development and industrialization in China’s industrial Internet-related fields is basically going along with international processes.

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