Class 2 Boy Swam Across Yamuna River in 18 Minutes

Yamuna River

Eight-year-old Shivansh Mohile from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh has created a record by swimming across the Yamuna river in just 18 minutes. Earlier this month, Aaradhya Srivastava had crossed the river (about 250 meters) in 22 minutes.

Shivaansh, however, surprised his trainers who appreciated his efforts and determination to cross the river in less time than other boys in his age group.

Shivansh is a class 2 student in Tagore Public School. He swam from the Meerapur Sindhu Sagar Ghat and reached the other side of the river.

His trainer, Tribhuvan Nishad, said that the boy has brought laurels to his parents after crossing the Yamuna river in just 18 minutes.

He said that at present 100 children of all age groups are getting training at Navjeevan Swimming Club.

Meanwhile, Nishad said that Shivansh is the first trainee swimmer in the age group of 2 to 8 years this year to have earned accolades for his feat.

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