Client’s Wife Booked For Torturing Lawyer’s Sister in UP

Client's Wife Booked For Torturing Lawyer's Sister in UP

In a shocking incident, a case has been registered against a woman for online harassment of her lawyer’s sister in Lucknow. The lawyer is fighting her husband’s case for domestic violence.

Assistant Commissioner of Police baazarkhala Anil Yadav said that a case of intimidation has been registered by registering an FIR under the IT Act and the matter is being investigated.

A Local Lawyer Had Filed A Police Complaint Accusing His Client’s Wife of Harassing Her Sister Online

The lawyer said in his complaint, “I have known the person for a long time. I am giving him legal advice. From the very beginning his wife has been hostile towards me and has been playing tricks and trying to stop me from providing legal aid.” trying.”

Recently, he said that the woman somehow obtained pictures of his sister, which she morphed and posted them on social media.

She alleged, “I was shocked to see obscene pictures of my sister on social media on April 15. When I confronted the client’s wife, she threatened me with dire consequences and told me to stop counseling my husband. asked for.”

The lawyer has registered a case against the woman and requested the police to remove the pictures of her sister from social media.

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