CNN lays off staff on podcast team to focus on audio business


CNN has laid off some employees from its podcast team as the media company focuses on strengthening its audio business.

CNN Said in A Statement That Audio is An Important Growth Area for the Company

The media giant said, “Over the years, we have learned a lot about the topics and presentations that resonate most with our audience.

As a result, we have focused our resources specifically on those areas. The strategy is refined.”

As The Verge reports, however, it has not commented on how many employees were laid off or which shows will be cut.

Alexander McCall, who works as a product manager at CNN Audio, said in a tweet late Wednesday that he and other podcasting employees have been fired.

Most of CNN’s podcasts are related to their own shows and hosts. However, the network announced a few new series earlier this year.

McCall further tweeted, “It’s just strange to see companies plugging on or disinvesting from business units that are so young.. especially when you put the work of many people to reach the goal, to make it profitable. Saw it for the first time.”

In April, CNN announced the closure of its paid news streaming service within a month of its launch, as it did not generate enough demand in the news-consuming world.

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