Covid, Dengue Cases Rise in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan health authorities have warned people about the rising cases of COVID-19 and the dreaded dengue outbreak. The Health Ministry has urged people to strictly follow the COVID-19 health precautions including wearing of masks, washing hands and maintaining social distancing in public places.

Health Secretary Janak Chandragupta said that due to the increase in the cases of Kovid, the public has been requested to strictly follow the health guidelines.

Sri Lanka made wearing masks mandatory in early 2020. However, the mask requirement was lifted on June 10, after nearly 15 million people were fully immunized, which is more than 66 percent of the total population.

Apart From This, the Dengue Epidemic is Also Developing Rapidly in the Country Amid Rising COVID Cases

Dr. Hamdani Anwar, Director, Ministry of Health said, “Apart from the COVID virus, dengue virus is also spreading. This is apart from a common virus with feverish symptoms in the country.”

Dr. Sudata Samaraweera, Director, National Dengue Control Unit, said that since January, more than 44,000 dengue cases have been reported and out of these, 8,200 have been reported in July alone.

“There has been an alarming increase in dengue cases and the country is in a serious pandemic situation,” he said.

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