Curly Hair Wig: Big and Voluptuous Hair

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Putting on a wig is pretty straightforward, though. It is just like setting on a bonnet or skullcap. Fit the wig starting from the back of the head and bring the wig forward towards the hairline. Bound with the combs that are involved.

Depending on the extent of your head, you may require to stitch on a drawstring (if one isn’t available) or attach some more combs to the border to secure the wig in place and block lifting.

The best thing about a wig is that caps accompany a sizing guide tailored to fit your head to provide you the most natural-looking wig possible. It reduces the need for glue, hairpins, combs, or a drawstring.

When arranging the wig on your head, it is vital to put your part precisely where you’d like it to be. According to your liking, the wig can be worn with a middle part or side parts, whether you prefer a lace front cap or a U-part cap.

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Styling for Curls Hair Wig

Now that your wig is tightened, it’s time to style it and proffer it to your personal touch. Some Divas like to pitch it with its natural curls and exercise the time to get the wig to shape it the way they desire, while others opt to do a wave or rod set for more styled curls and form.

Let your hairstyle echo your personality, explore with colors and cuts that you can’t (or don’t want to) do lastingly on your hair. If you’re a fan of big, curly hair, comb through the wig with a wide-toothed comb once or twice to share the curls and provide the unit body.

Care for Curls Hair Wig

Caring for your Curls Hair wig is straightforward. Acknowledge wearing a wig cap with your wig to have the unit clean. Apply light-weight products to avoid build-up and keep conditioning to define the curl pattern.

Evade washing your wig too frequently (wash after 25 or so wears) and opt for other methods like a co-wash. It’s suggested that you set the wig on a Styrofoam mannequin head or wig stand and put it somewhere that facilitates the hair to hang free. Just throwing your wig on the bathroom counter can result in knots and tangles, which can reduce your style for the next day.

1. Washing: Your wig can be cleaned and conditioned with regular shampoo and conditioner because it is pure Remy hair. When rinsing your wig, be careful not to bunch up or disturb the wig as you are shampooing the hair. It will form knots and tangling. After applying shampoo, frequently run your fingers through the hair, working from the ends of the hair to the cap. Clean thoroughly and condition by using that equal motion. Employ a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair and clip away any shed hairs that have created knots. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and use your leave-in.

2. Drying: After washing and conditioning the wig, the best way to drain it is by blotting it with a t-shirt and then putting it even on a towel (cap side down). It is not suggested to hang the wig while it is wet, as the mass of the hair can spread out your cap and affect the curls. Consider setting the loops with a light gel. Once the wig dries effectively, break the gel cast and work the coils back into the volume you desire. Ensure to let the hair dry completely before wearing it repeatedly.

3. Storing: If you require to put your wig away, put it back into a hairnet, put it back into the case that your wig came in, and recline it flat. If you do not have the packaging that it arrived in anymore, place a hairnet on it and set it into a plastic shoebox or similar container. These techniques will help preserve your curls so that they do not have a tangle. They also keep the hair dust-free.

4. Hydrating: As with your regular black hair, seldom will your wig seem to be dead. If your wig is resembling flat, you need to add moisture to it. Since the wig has virgin human hair, spritzing it with a bit of water or liquid leave-in and sealing it with a volatile oil such as Argan or Grapeseed oil can revitalize your curls have them regarding healthy again. Regularly adding mist to your unit is essential to protecting the rings.

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