Defence authorities request GHMC officials to finalise alternate road to Gough Road

Ministry of heath affairs

The defence authorities have urged Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials to finalise alternate road to Gough Road.

As per the statement issued by the Ministry of Defence on Wednesday, “The Defence authorities have been pursuing the state government of Telangana for construction of an alternate road to Gough Road in order to mitigate the difficulties of the residents of North and North-Eastern parts of Hyderabad.”
To this effect, the defence authorities have carried out meetings with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner and requested the state government to freeze the requirements of Defence land, so that the case can be suitably considered by MoD for the benefit of citizens of Hyderabad.

The requirements conveyed by GHMC officials have been varying over a period of time leading to Defence Authorities inability to consider the case.

Lack of urgency on the part of the GHMC officials to implement the directions of High Court of Telangana passed in 2014 has led to continuous suffering of the residents by way of denying the use of alternate roads, the statement added.

A joint survey with Revenue Authorities for finalising the land requirements has now been completed at the behest of Defence Authorities, who have been pursuing the State Government to finalise the requirements of Defence land and forward the proposal to the Ministry of Defence.

A further meeting of Defence Authorities with GHMC Commissioner to expedite the process for the benefit of citizens is scheduled on September 26, 2020.

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