Devotees Reached Kedarnath From Karnataka By Bicycle, Had Darshan of Baba Kedar


To visit the Char Dhams in Uttarakhand, devotees have to pass through inaccessible paths and dire circumstances. During this, it is common for the weather and the closure of the roads in between, but it is said that if the faith is true, then the devotees reach to see their adoration under any circumstances. In such a situation, Vinay completed the journey from Karnataka to Kedarnath by bicycle and visited Baba Kedarnath.

The journey to Kedarnath Dham is also going by cycle. This has also been seen many times. While many travelers are unable to overcome the arduous 18 km climb of Kedarnath Dham, there are some pilgrims who have reached Kedarnath Dham by bicycle. Everyone is surprised to see them.

Let us tell you that some travelers have reached Kedarnath Dham from Karnataka with cycles. Vinay, a traveler who reached Kedarnath by bicycle from Karnataka, said that he has reached here from Karnataka in forty days. He had decided to travel to Kedarnath on foot, but with the power of Baba Kedar, he reached Kedarnath by bicycle.

At the same time, DM Mayur Dixit said that these days around one and a half to two thousand pilgrims are reaching Kedarnath. In a few days, the number of Kedarnath pilgrims will cross 10 lakhs.

So far 9 lakh 70 thousand devotees have reached the Dham. The number of passengers has come down now, but after the end of the monsoon season, there is a possibility of a jump in travel.

The effect of rain and landslide in Rudraprayag is also affecting the journey of Kedarnath Dham. Due to incessant rains, the number of pilgrims coming to Kedarnath Dham has come down drastically these days.

These days only one and a half to two thousand pilgrims are reaching the Dham. Till the Kanwar Yatra, there was a long line for darshan in the Dham, but due to less number of devotees reaching the Dham these days, the pilgrims are getting the darshan of Baba Kedar easily. So far 9 lakh 70 thousand pilgrims have reached the court of Baba Kedar.

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