‘Dhaakad’ Earns Rs 2.58 Crore, is Kangana Ranaut Not A Reliable Star?

Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood movies might not be doing the best at the box-office, but the real blow comes from the Kangana Ranaut-starrer ‘Dhaakad’, which only managed to rake in Rs 2.58 crore.

The Film, Which Released in Theaters on May 20, Clashed With Kartik Aaryan-Starrer ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’

While the horror-comedy sequel opened to a lifetime collection of Rs 180 crore at the box-office, ‘Dhaakad’ failed to pull the crowd apart despite good marketing and buzz.

Independent film trade analyst Sumit Kadel explained the reasons behind the debacle of ‘Dhaakad’. In his opinion, ‘Dhaakad’ is not the only story that has fallen victim to such low turnout.

There is A Pattern, Big Budget Films Are Being Blown Away By the Audience in Theatres

“Not that ‘Dhaakad’ was a bad cinematic experience, the film boasted of great action sequences, great camerawork and a good color palette, but the biggest pillar on which a film rests – the story, became a film.” For the weakest.”

“Audiences want to see entertainment that can justify their big screen experience and their hard-earned money”, says the trade analyst firmly stating that this is an era of good content with high production value.

He further added, “Entertainment is paramount for a film to work at the box office, “Films with high content with low entertainment value and films with a social message will not work at the box office unless the content is extraordinary like ‘The Kashmir Files’. Don’t be.”

Sumit concluded that, as far as ‘Dhaakad’ is concerned, it seems that the loss has been compounded by the erroneous belief of the producers, “They were so sure of their product that they sold their film to digital and satellite distributors as well. No one is ready to buy the film even at its scrap price”.

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