Domino’s (Lead-1) to investigate whether glass pieces were found in pizza


A day after a Mumbai man posted pictures of glass pieces allegedly found in Domino’s Pizza on the Twitter handle of Mumbai Police, the company on Sunday ordered a probe into the incident here.

Customer Arun kollooree Had Also Questioned the Quality of the Food Sold by the Pizza outlet

He said he found “pieces of glass” in the pizza he ordered online, although Domino’s outlet and delivery date are not mentioned.

Mumbai Police advised him to write to Domino’s Consumer Care before taking any legal action.

Taking cognizance of the complaint, a Domino’s spokesperson said that its quality team checked the pizza outlet, but found no defects.

The company also contacted the aggrieved customer to ascertain the facts of the case through various channels of communication.

We follow a strict no-glass policy in the kitchen and adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.

We will further investigate the matter after receiving samples from the user and act accordingly, Domino’s said. The alleged incident has created great concern among pizza lovers.

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