Earthquake in Hassan District of Karnataka, Cracks on Roads, People in Panic


Earthquake tremors were felt in Karnataka’s Hassan district in the early hours of Thursday, causing panic among people. The tremors of the earthquake were felt in the villages of Holenarasipur taluk.

People immediately came out of the houses and ran towards the open ground. It is being told that due to the earthquake, cracks have come on people’s houses and roads.

Villagers Said That They Felt The Tremors of The Earthquake For 10 Seconds At Around 4.30 Am

Tremors were also felt in Bettadahalli, Halli Mysore, Kallahally, Dala Gowdanahalli, dodda kadanuru, Pooja Koppalu, Belawadi, Makavalli, Tezoor, Gohalli, kurikavalu, Odanahalli, Niduvani, chittanahalli Layout and Narasimhanayaka Nagar.

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