Efforts Are Being Made to Certify Roadside Mechanics As Well Ministry of Skill Development


Now efforts are being made to certify not only the students studying in school, college or technical institute but also the mechanics working on the road side. Under this effort, it is planned to connect thousands of workers to skill training and learn new techniques.

At the same time, important technology like robotics and artificial intelligence will be promoted in the field of automobile training. Especially electric vehicles will also get the benefit of this technology.

This new initiative is being taken up by ASDC – Automotive Skills Development Council working under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). For this, Partners Forum-2022 was also organized.

Secretary of the Ministry Rajesh Agarwal said that emphasis should be laid on certifying roadside mechanics and teaching them new techniques. He also appreciated the dual certification of Globe Competent Trainer run by ASDC.

He said that now there is a need to promote AR-VR-based skill training to provide skill training for the automotive sector, so that the youth can learn quickly.

Appealed to the youth to imbibe the culture of learning and focus on multi-skills and said that this kind of learning instinct will empower our youth and lead to nation building. Going into the industry, learning reskilling, upskilling also needed more attention.

A Career Guidance was also released by ASDC to give information about career in automotive sector, future prospects with new technology and required skills.

Information about robotics, artificial intelligence, new business models with electric vehicles and the skills required for it is also given.

ASDC President Vinod Aggarwal said that the Indian Automobile Industry is one of the leaders in adopting new technology and innovation in the world.

Along with this, new standards have been set for the safety of the vehicles produced in the country. All this has been possible due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s self-reliant India campaign.

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