Fans Turned Against Me After Taking Sachin’s Wicket Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

India cricketer Mohit Sharma told how his fans turned against him when he dismissed master blaster Sachin Tendulkar in the first innings of 2013 while playing for Haryana against Mumbai at Lahli.

Mohit’s happiness soon turned to despair as his own fans at the stadium turned angry with him after the wicket.

He said, “Ajay Jadeja speaks very clearly both on and off the field, I was bowling when Sachin paaji came to bat. The wicket at Lahli was very conducive to bowling and Ajay bhai asked me to bowl and Sachin paaji got bowled.

He continued, “But as soon as I got back to my place to field, the fans who came to watch the match started getting angry at me.

These were our own people and they said things like I did everything. Destroyed and I have no shame that I got the great man out.

Where I was shocked, said this Haryana pacer during the award show, because that’s what Sachin paaji is all about and his fantasy and greatness surpass everything.

Haryana has been honored with the Sports Fans Award of India 2022 for his immense contribution to Indian sports.

Sachin’s ability to make a comeback and his willingness to impart knowledge to juniors is what defines his greatness and Mohit felt that the way he batted in the second innings and led Mumbai to victory was something that which is their identity.

Mohit added, “Playing on a pitch where everyone was struggling, Sachin paaji batted with a tailender to single-handedly guide his team to an unbeaten 75 not out.

Sachin Tendulkar is everything and the power of the innings. Later, he came to our dressing room and talked to the players and gave important suggestions on how to tackle the tough track and change the mindset as per the situation.

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