Former AWS Engineer Convicted For Hacking Data of 100 Million Customers


Page Thompson, 36, a former Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineer, has been found guilty of hacking the data of more than 100 million customers. He will be sentenced on September 15.

A Seattle district court found him guilty on seven counts of hacking. Page was accused of hacking into a cloud computer data storage account and stealing data and computer power for his own benefit.

He Was Arrested in July 2019 After Capital One Reported the Hacking of Page to the FBI

Attorney Nick Brown said that Page used his hacking skills to steal personal information of more than 100 million people and that he hijacked computer servers to mine cryptocurrency.

More than 100 million customers were affected by the hacking of the page in Capital One’s account. The company was fined $80 million and lost $ 190 million in settling clients’ court cases.

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