France: Avian Flu cases increased among the waterfowl


The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food has said that in the country since mid -May, cases of high -pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) have increased in the seaside birds. News agency Xinhua quoted the ministry as saying that the national health status in France has improved in France in relation to avian influenza.

However, There Has Been A Sharp Increase in Cases from Mid -May

It said in a press release, “The collective death of coastal birds has been observed from mid -May.”

The ministry said, “The situation is extraordinary (never had to face it in France before) is necessary to strictly comply with bio -safety and bird monitoring rules.

Various measures have been presented in these cluster areas, which aim to strengthen the monitoring of wildlife and poultry farms.

The ministry said that 19 clusters were found in HPAI’s 19 clusters, 12 in breeding form and seven clusters in poultry yard.

A three-kilometer security area and a 10-km monitoring area have been set near the city of Serre-la-ronde in west-central France. On Saturday, 36,000 birds infected with avian flu were buried in a field here.

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