Geetika Mehandru Shares Her Experiences with Her Co-stars in ‘Roohaniyat’

Geetika Mehandru

Actress Geetika Mehandru, who is best known for playing Gauri in season 1 of web series “Roohaniyat”, says she loves playing the character. Mainly shot in Pune, the shooting has now come to an end. Geetika says, “It is finally done. I personally loved having fun as Gauri on the sets. This character will always be close to my heart.”

“I can’t put into words what Gauri is to me. You know Gauri can’t handle anything, Gauri is equal to the solution. She has given me the most memorable character of my life.”

The Web Series Also Stars Arjun Bijlani, Kanika Mann, Shaan Groverr and Harshit Sidwani

When asked what she is going to miss the most, Geetika said, “My co-actors and directors. They were all special to me. Sudhar with Harshit, Arjun Ki Van Mein Woh Masti, Kanika Ki Van Mein Charcha , gossiping in Palak’s van, dancing with Arushi, I am going to miss everything. All I can say is that I am truly blessed.”

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