Germany Airlines Lufthansa and Pilots Agree to Wage Negotiations to Avert Strike

Lufthansa Airlines

German airline Lufthansa is ready to hold confidential talks with Vereenigung cockpit, the trade union representing its pilots, both sides have confirmed. An agreement was reached with the ground staff last week. “We have set four dates in the coming weeks,” VC representative Andreas Pinheiro said in a podcast.

News agency DPA quoted Pinheiro as saying the VC was seeking a negotiable solution after his members voted on the strike action.

Lufthansa confirmed the conversation without any communication from the outside world.

The Strike Action is to Be Suspended For the Duration of the Talks

Lufthansa and VC have already held six rounds of talks, but to no avail.

The airline has accepted VC’s demand for 5.5 per cent higher wages for the rest of the year, but there has been no agreement on automatic inflation-indexed growth or change in rate structure from 2023.

Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr has proposed to reserve a fixed number of planes for core company pilots as before.

The company had previously announced the conclusion of an agreement covering 325 aircraft by the end of 2021, while transferring more traffic to its subsidiaries with lower operating costs.

These include Eurowings Discover, a long-distance leisure carrier, and Lufthansa Cityline 2, which is currently being installed.

Lufthansa and Verdi Union last week struck a wage agreement with ground staff to cover about 20,000 workers.

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