Get Glowing Skin: Skincare Tips, Nutrition & Lifestyle

The festive season is here, which must be followed by skincare tips! Ayurvedic texts represent the beauty of Sharad Ritu and nutrition and lifestyle modifications with similar elan.

The changes following the season help upkeep good health and indulge the celebrations. The skin reflects your natural health. With a shift in weather, it is essential to make changes to your skincare routine.

Healthy skincare as per the climate can help prevent diverse skin issues. So let us take entries from Ayurveda for looking as luminous as the festivities around us.

Skincare Tips

Follow specific tips for healthy, glowing skin this joyful season.

Deep Detox

Pitta dosha is responsible for the heating element in shape governing digestion, hormones and metabolism. It is the season of amla. It keeps the skin looking young by increasing collagen production. It also assists in eliminating dark spots and pigmentation. Amla is a universal detoxifier and stabilizes the hormones that trigger acne. Use 4-5 raw amlas as juice early in the morning, with a touch of honey and turmeric. You can apply this daily until you have a consistent supply of fresh amla. Amla is a good origin of vitamin C and can aid strengthen skin health.

Adopt A Season Specific Skin Routine

The air is not as stuffy anymore. So the moisturizer requires to be a little heavier. The face cleanser should be soft and non-sulphated. Weekly massages can be great for the skin to develop immunity. Look for components like saffron, sandalwood, gold in your skincare results. These herbs keep the skin glowing. A paste made from powdered oats and fat-free sour buttermilk can multiply as a skin cleanser and face brightener. To strengthen the drooping skin, you can also make a paste with crushed rose and lotus petals mixed with calming clays and fennel essential oil.

Drink Plenty of Water

One must drink lots of water during this season. Drinking enough water can assist in flushing toxins out of your body and provide you with glowing skin. Drinking adequate water is excellent for your skin and total health.


Focus on self-love both externally and internally during this season. Avoid chemical-laden makeup and pick wisely this festive season. On the inside, provide your body with plenty of healthy fats from walnuts, ghee, almonds, and coconuts, instead of deep-fried foods and refined oils.

Adopt a Self-tanner as Skincare Tips

Anytime you tan indoors or outside, you untimely age your skin. You also improve your risk of acquiring skin cancer. A self-tanner can provide you with the look you want the dangers externally. To support your skin healthy, you need to protect it from the sun even when using a self-tanner.

Use Skin Care Products 

What’s your skin sort — oily, dry, average/normal, combination, or sensitive? Do you possess a skin condition? Using commodities formulated for your skin’s requirements will help your skin look and feel its best.

Resist scrubbing skin clean

If you’ve been sweating profoundly or possess a severe acne flare, it may seem routine to scrub your skin. Don’t! Scrubbing hurts your skin, which can worsen any skin tone, including acne.

Wash face while before & after bed and after sweating.

Cleaning when you wake up eliminates the dirt and bacteria that descend on your face while relaxing. Also, before bed, you want to eliminate makeup and grime, such as smoke, smog, or mud, which may have grounded on your skin.

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