Google Announces New Features For Meet, Chromebooks

Google Announces New Features For Meet, Chromebooks

With an aim to empower teachers and students, tech giant Google on Wednesday announced that it is sharing new updates to Chromebook, Google Classroom and Google Meet.

For those using Google Workspace for Education Plus or the Teaching and Learning upgrade, Google said it is adding features to Google Meet focused on increasing interconnectivity, control and efficiency in the classroom.

“Now, Meet calls can be auto-transcribed directly into a Google Doc for easy text reviews and the ability to find keywords and concepts,” said Shantanu Sinha, director of Google for Education, in a blogpost.

Google said users can now navigate other tabs in Chrome with Picture in Meet, while viewing 4 tiles of students in a Meet call.

And to keep the class engaged and check comprehension regularly, teachers can now add polls and Q&A to live-streams and live-stream directly to YouTube.

The company is also adding new features to the M103 like the Screencast app built into Chrome OS, where users can record, trim, share and watch transcribed screencasts and videos automatically saved to Google Drive. You can create a custom library of .

“From device sharing to 1:1, students as well as teachers using Chromebooks, we are constantly evolving our features to meet the needs of the classroom,” Sinha said.

Google is also rolling out new integrations and tools to improve teachers’ day-to-day operations and help students develop their skills.

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